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The owner of the consulting agency Porte Consulting is Radmila Stanic, a professional pedagogue for integration, educated in Sweden, with long-standing work experience in state bodies, social services , as well as counseling and support in the integration process in Sweden.

Radmila came to Sweden when she was less than 19 years old, and like for most people, the process of success and integration in the new country was not easy and simple. The path to full independence, education and acquisition of knowledge and experience helped her to successfully manage her company and help others to properly integrate into Swedish society.



They said about Porté

As a consul in the Serbian Embassy in Stockholm, I am in contact with the Swedish institutions every day. In addition to the language barrier, with which our fellow citizens regularly meet, the great problem is the wait time for the decision of the Swedish authorities. Luckily, friends sent me to Porté Consulting and Radmila Stanic, and thanks to their professionalism and efficiency, my problems were resolved in a very short time. Using Porte Konsalting services, besides getting accurate and reliable information, you also get all the necessary instructions that are of great benefit when you decide to live in Sweden. Radmila is a reliable and responsible advisor.
Mila Opalic
Consul in the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia
We hired Porté Consulting to help us with work permits for employees outside the EU, and we felt very satisfied with their expertise. Everything went very smoothly with the help of Porte Consulting. They respond quickly to questions and are very professional. We quickly gained trust in Radmila, which is very important to us. It was a pleasure to work with her even in ,for us as an employer, stressful situations in regulating work permits for our employees.
Djordjo Simic
General Director - Four Nordic Group AB
I waited for an extension of the work visa for 10 months. After contacting Radmila, everything was ready after only two weeks. Since then, several of my associates have become interested and have also hired Radmila to help solve the problems that have arisen in the company where we are employed. The union did not respond to our e-mails or calls for 4 months, but after Radmila contacted the union, they arranged meetings with us within 3 days. She is a very good advisor and a great understanding of her for me and my colleagues during the whole process. Five stars from me!
Adis M.
When I came to Sweden and applied for family reunification, I did not know at all how the whole process looks and how long it can last. I started doing everything that my friends, who lived for a little longer in Sweden then I did. When we signed up for an ID card we were first given a refusal .The children were not enrolled in school at the time, and they had to wait for two months to begin schooling. Then I decided to contact Porté Consulting to make it easier for myself and my family. All jobs were taken over by Radmila and the ID cards and enrollment of children to school were completed in a quick and easy way. When I later wanted to apply for an extension of a residence permit that can be waited up to 10 months, I again contacted Porte Consulting. We received a positive response and extension of the residence permit after only three weeks. Radmila is above all efficient and professional. Thanks to the perfect knowledge of the Swedish system, everything has been done in an efficient way.
Petrovic Family
Very competent and valuable advice for us who are EU citizens and we need help with family reunification. Specifically, I had problems with my partner because she did not move at the same time as I came to Sweden. The problem arose with the Swedish tax administration (skatteverket), because they did not want to receive a request for applying for a personal identification number, but they sent it to the Swedish Institute for Migration. I contacted Radmila at the recommendation of a friend. Radmila informed us about what we needed to deliver, helped us write a letter explaining why we did not move at the same time - so we then contacted the Tax Administration and submitted a request without any problems.
Branko Vartev

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